BHI-BSN 2019 Industry Showcase

The organizers of BSN and BHI are proud to present the second edition of our industry showcase, highlighting some of the most innovative new products in the market. We are delighted that one of last year’s finalists translated their innovation into a successful start-up and are excited to see more innovative products this year.

During last year’s industry showcase, Josep Sola, then at CSEM, demonstrated his revolutionary product that unobtrusively measures an individual’s blood pressure at the wrist. It combines optical sensors (commonly used to track heart-rate in today’s wearables), and clinically validated software algorithms. Josep is now co-Founder and CTO of Aktiia who received CHF 4M ($4M) in seed-funding from Silicon Valley and Swiss investors.

This year’s focus will be on preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare consists of measures taken for disease prevention as opposed to disease treatment. We invite companies to present novel solutions for preventive healthcare, including new devices, sensors, predictive analytics, digital tools and software solutions that encourage a healthy lifestyle, reduce the risk of diseases and help keep people healthy and outside the hospital for as long as possible.

The showcase will be attended by delegates from both BSN and BHI, giving your products a wide audience including hundreds of experts in Healthcare, AI and Wearables. The showcase will consist of short pitches followed by a Q&A and an audience vote for the most innovative product award.

“Industry Showcase Participants” 
The Industry Showcase will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd from 11:30-12:30
Julien Penders
Bloomlife, USA. Title: Co-founder & COO
Shuayb Zarar
Research Scientist, Microsoft Research
Louis Atallah, PhD MBA
Clinical Marketing Manager (Clinical Analytics)
Philips, Patient Monitoring & Analytics

Selected Finalists

Name of startup Product
Diagnos Computed Assisted Retinal Analysis, or CARA system, performs automatic detection of ocular pathologies through analyzing retinal fundus images. The system combines big data with recent advances in the artificial intelligence (A.I.) field in order to detect critical to the vision medical conditions. This information can be used to address and manage important public health issues. The focus of CARA is diabetic retinopathy, however it can be extended to cardiovascular or even neurodegenerative diseases. Having big data processing capabilities, CARA contains the necessary infrastructure in order to be deployed at a global scale.
NowPow PowRx is a multi-sided SaaS platform that connects patients to the resources they need to get well, stay well, and manage with chronic disease. Using NowPow’s comprehensive resource directory, powerful filters, screenings and matching algorithms, care professionals quickly find services that meet patients’ basic and self care needs. Our deep data capture and analytics capability underpins the entire platform, allowing a large and diverse ecosystem of stakeholders to gain important insights about the self care needs and population health of their community.
Visibly Visibly’s online vision test allows patients to take a 10 minute test at home and receive a vision prescription in less than 24 hours. The prescription is issued by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist and patients can use it to purchase contacts or glasses wherever they choose. Businesses, such as eye care providers and eyewear retailers, can also integrate the Visibly online vision test software into their website or store to enable a better patient experience.
Protxx The PROTXX wearable sensor, coupled with a powerful machine learning engine, helps medical professionals monitor, classify, and quantify the onset and progression of injury, medical-treatment, and age-related neurovestibular and musculoskeletal impairments in athletic, elderly, industrial, and military populations, enabling preventive interventions, reduced injury incidence and severity, improved recovery outcomes, and optimal human performance.
Spidersense SpiderSense is a wearable jacket that provides haptic environmental information to the wearer. In other words, users “feel” the environment on their skin, and therefore can feel objects, obstacles, and people around them.
Mondevices The MonBaby is an award-winning baby movement monitor, sleep tracking and training product in the form of a wearable button that snaps onto any article of baby clothing. It alerts parents when there is an interruption in breathing or if the baby rolls over. We also working on a mode for sleep training.
HideIT HideIT Wearables LLC is creating assistive and human augmentation devices for the masses. We specialize in subject-specific device design. Our mission is to circumvent a mass production model and focus on tailor-made, individualized devices. We also supply consulting services to bring your wearable device ideas to a minimally viable product stage.