BHI 2019 Best Paper Awards

First prize:

Improving Students’ Daily Life Stress Forecasting using LSTM Neural Networks

Terumi Umematsu; Akane Sano; Sara Taylor; Rosalind Picard

MIT, USA & NEC Corporation, Japan

Presented by: Terumi Umematsu

Presented in: BHI Session #8: Behavioral & Sensor Informatics

Second prize:

circFA: a FPGA-based circular RNA aligner

Alberto Zeni; Francesco Peverelli; Enrico Cabri; Lorenzo Di Tucci; Luca Cerina; Marco D Santambrogio

Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Presented by: Alberto Zeni (student)

Presented in: Rapid Fire Session #1 & Poster Session #1

Third prize:

Lung Nodule Classification Using Combined Deep and Spectral 3D Shape Features

Fereshteh S Bashiri; Jonathan C Badger; Roshan M D’Souza; Zeyun Yu; Peggy Peissig

Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, USA & University of Wisconsin-Milauwekee

Presented by: Fereshteh S Bashiri

Presented in: Rapid Fire Session #1 & Poster Session #1

BHI 2019 Best Poster Awards

First prize:

BHI-T-65: Validation of a Food Image Classifier Based on the Top 50 Consumed Foods from the What We Eat in America Survey

Jenna Kim (University of Washington, USA); Shuhao Lin (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA); Giannina Ferrara (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, USA); Jenna Hua (Stanford Prevention Research Center & Stanford University, USA); Edmund Seto (University of Washington, USA)

Second prize:

BHI-T-62:Preliminary Modeling of the Kinetics of Photoplethysmogram Changes Following Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimultation

Asim H Gazi, Nil Z Gurel and Kristine Scott (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Matthew T Wittbrodt (Emory University, USA); Amit J Shah and Viola Vaccarino (Rollins School of Public Health, USA); Douglas Bremner (Emory School of Medicine, USA); Omer T Inan (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Third prize:

BHI-T-59: Numerical Simulation of Implantation of Stent Within Artery with Deformable Wall

Aleksandra Vulovic (Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Serbia);

Nenad Filipovic (University of Kragujevac, Serbia)

BHI-BSN 2019 Industry Showcase Award

Company: HideIT Wearable

Presenter: Dr. Hananeh Esmailbeigi (CEO)